Air France continues with its direct flights to Seychelles

Air France, the French flag carrier confirmed that it would continue with its direct flights to Seychelles from its Paris-Charles de Gaulle hub.

This will be during the winter season 2019/20, which runs from October to March 2020. The airline is to fly to the archipelago three times a week, taking over from its subsidiary airline,
Joon; which would cease to operate as of June 2019.

The Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Mr. Didier Dogley said this is great news for Seychelles, as long haul direct flights are vital for us, especially those emanating from our leading tourism markets in Europe.

“Air France has a vast network operating flights to over 100 destinations around the world; with such a massive network and as a leading member of the Skyteam Alliance group, it would most definitively be of great value to Seychelles for both tourism and commerce.”

He maintained that, “Air France typically attracts high-end clientele and they are the quality of
visitors that Seychelles is looking for as a luxurious, lucrative and lush destination. This is in fact
a reputation that we have built over the years and one which we wish to maintain.”

Minister Dogley added that airlines with substantive network, such as Air France, play a crucial role in propagating the Seychelles’ sustainable tourism label.

“We fervently believe in the importance of achieving the right balance in ensuring continued tourism growth, optimize the inflow of foreign currency into the economy whilst at the same
time reducing environmental stress, we count on our partners support in achieving this endeavor,” Mr Dogley said.

Upon receiving the news, the CEO of SCAA, Mr. Garry Albert remarked that this is significant for the Seychelles aviation industry as it attests to the work that is being done at SCAA, as the airport operator, to consolidate valuable partnerships like this one, with important contributions towards the socio-economic development.”

Mr Albert highlighted that SCAA will continue in its efforts to further expand Seychelles reach globally in its bid to support the tourism sector. This excellent news comes amidst talks regarding the return of Air Mauritius to Seychelles; tentatively scheduled for July 2019. At the moment, there is no confirmation of their
operational schedule. Nonetheless, it is worth noting the Seychelles and Mauritius enjoys excellent bilateral aviation relations accentuated by the regular exchange at bilateral level or
under the auspice of the Indian Ocean Commission.

SCAA will avail to provide more details on Air Mauritius’ proposed return to Seychelles once more information is available.