Alternative parking for airport users as new round about project kicks off

Ninety new parking slots will be made available by the end of this week to cater for airport users. This alternative arrangement has been made after 26 original slots have been blocked by erected hoardings, signalling the commencement of work for the new round about project, in the vicinity of the Seychelles International Airport.

Work is currently on-going in the external parking area, adjacent to the airport largest parking, so as to clear the site, levelling and generally improving it for airport users and visitors who are unable to find available slots in the main parking areas.

Mr Gilbert Faure, the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) said: “Parking limitations has been one of the many challenges that we have been facing recently at the airport. The round-about project, into which SCAA is investing a sum of 5 million rupees, comes at an opportune time, as it will help not only in alleviating the flow of traffic around the airport area, but will also pave the way for better access control and the installation of a pay parking system in the future at the airport.”

At the moment, there is security personnel at all times directing traffic and advising drivers on parking locations and availability. The public is being strongly encouraged to give their full cooperation, and more importantly, not to leave their vehicles in any of the airport parking overnight.

The round-about project is being implemented by the Seychelles Land Transport Agency.

It is expected that when it is completed in September this year, it will go a long way in improving road safety and security so as to allow for better traffic flow around the airport premises.

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