Traveling to the Seychelles? All you need to know for your journey

Visitors to the Seychelles do not need any Visa prior to their arrival in the country. Passengers should ensure that they have a valid passport and travel documents.

Visitors must ensure that they have pre-booked accommodation prior to their arrival, as well as their return tickets to show to the Immigration Officer upon request.

If visitors are planning to stay within Seychelles for a period longer than three (3) months, they shall need to apply for a Permanent Resident Permit. Information on permits for permanent stays or for work purposes can be obtained from Immigration Services.

A Passenger Exemption Allowance is the total value of goods a passenger is allowed to bring back into Seychelles without paying duties/taxes. The Passenger’s allowance is exempted from taxes provided that the contents of the baggage are for personal or household use of the passenger and are not intended for resale. The items in the table below are allowed to be carried by a passenger as duty free if the quantity or value does not exceed the prescribed amount. Passengers using the facility of purchase on departure and collect on arrival have the same allowance as below:

The Maximum Allowance for Passenger above 18 years

Item Description of Goods Exempted Quantity / Value
1 Perfume and Toilet Waters 200ml
2 Alcoholic Beverages A maximum of 4 liters which can include either the following: A. 2 litres of alcoholic beverages containing less than or equal to 16% alcohol (such as beer, wine and sparkling wine) and 2 litres of alcoholic beverages containing more than 16% alcohol (such as whisky, rum, gin and fermented or distilled liqueur. OR B. 4 litres of alcoholic beverages containing 16% or below alcohol
3 Cigarettes or tobacco products 200 Cigarettes or 100 Cigarillos or 50 Cigars or 200g tobacco product
4 Other goods SR5,000

The Maximum Allowance for Passenger Under 18 years

1 Perfume and Toilet Waters 200ml
2 Other Goods SR3,000

Excess of the allowance are liable to the applicable taxes if they are declared to Customs. Undeclared excess goods of the allowance attract penalties/fines and may be seized (in addition to the applicable taxes).


Under the Animal Imports & Disease Act 1981 and the Plant Protection Act 1996, it is illegal to import animals and animal products without a permit.

Seychelles is an island with a rich bio-diversity with endemic flora and fauna, and has one of UNESCO World Heritage site on Aldabra Atoll. Our commitment to environmental conservation remains top priority and great care is taken to protect it from any foreign invasive plants or animals that can damage our eco-system.

Please help us keep our country beautiful and declare all animal, plant products or uncooked foods.

There are bans on these products entering the country without the valid permit from approved Authorities. Passengers found with any restricted goods must pay a fine. Special permits will only be issued if the proper application process is made through the Bio-Security authorities.

If you are unsure of what to bring into the country, please seek advice from your respective travel agents, embassies or authorities. 

For more information, please contact:

Seychelles Agricultural Agency Plant and Animal Health Services
Plant Section: +248 4611475
Animal Section: +248 4285950

Yellow Fever

When entering Seychelles, it is a requirement to have a Yellow Fever Vaccination, if you are travelling from or via an infected area. Proof of vaccination shall be required for our Public Health Officers upon your arrival.

For your ease, we have listed countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission below.

 Countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission

AFRICA - Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Uganda.

AMERICAS - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela.

Important Health Contact Information:

  • Seychelles Hospital: (+248) 4 38 80 00
  • Toll free number for the Accidents and Emergency Unit: 151

Passengers must follow directions to the transit terminal upon disembarkation.

The transit lounge is found inside the international departure for those connecting on long haul flights has access to other facilities such as duty free, food and beverage outlets, postal services, CIP Lounge, playroom and baby nursing room.

Passengers on transit are reminded to verify with their respective airlines or travel agent on the feasibility of purchasing goods at the Seychelles Duty Free whilst on Transit from their outward journey to avoid goods being confiscated on arrival to their final destination due to customs regulations in their outward destination.

Passengers on transit for domestic flights can go directly to the Domestic Terminal on arrival from their international flight. Allow at least one hour to check in before departure.

If you have booked through a travel agent, a representative will accompany you to the terminal to complete all formalities.

Left Luggage

The Left Luggage service is situated within the Payanke Lounge, located on the first floor of the Domestic Terminal. Feel free to visit the Payanke Lounge website to see the fees.

Do note that due to high demand and limited space, it is recommended that this service is booked ahead of time to avoid disappointment. 

For more information contact the Payanke Lounge on or call +248 2803298.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are available for long term rent by airport staff, duty free concessionaires and operators for storage of personal items. The facility is secure with PIN activated access.

For more information on rental of these lockers contact business development at  or call +248 438 4005


The Domestic Terminal runs daily services to Praslin. Flights are every 30 minutes starting from 5am to 11pm everyday. The connection from the main island of Mahe to Praslin takes approximately 15 minutes.

Other inter-island and outer islands flights are serviced by private companies, namely Island Development Corporation (IDC) and Zil Air (for helicopter flights only). If you are travelling to Praslin please ensure you have enough time for your connecting trip, allowing at least 1 hour for checking in.

Domestic Terminal – Shower Room

Shower facilities are available on both Mahe and Praslin Airport within the toilets for passengers to use. Paid private showers are also available at the Payanke CIP Lounge located on the first floor of the Domestic Lounge on Mahe.  

For more information on the paid private showers, contact the Payanke CIP Lounge on or call +248 2803298

Meeters and Greeters are to wait for passengers at the demarcated area outside the Arrival Lounge.  

The Passenger Pick up and Drop off points are located in designated areas at both the International and Domestic Terminal. The Maximum stay is 15 minutes for pick-up and 5 minutes for drop-offs.

The Bus Staging area is allocated solely to DMCs. They are not to be used as a parking slot for other vehicle users. If caught, a fine of a sum of SCR 200 shall be placed on the driver.

The Northern Parking situated close to the terminals are also available for passengers and the general public who wish to use the outlets available at the Seychelles International Airport.