Commercial outlets relocation at the Seychelles International Airport terminal

A number of Commercial outlets at the Seychelles International Airport have been reorganised in a bid to satisfy customer demands, increase visibility and ease accessibility. Whilst some outlets have shifted locations, new ones are also being introduced.

Shops selling unique and traditional products with a Seychelles’ touch, such as Exotic Scents and Queen Creole, which were originally at the first floor of the international departure lounge, have now been relocated to the ground floor, whereby they can easily be spotted by travellers who are often attracted by their unique array of colourful, and high-quality products.

A global food outlet, Burger King which was in the international departure lounge has been moved to the domestic public area, whereby the general public can now enjoy its products even if they are not traveling.

New outlets have also been opened at the Mahé domestic airport since last year, which included a pharmacy and a PCR testing service at the Payanke Lounge.

‘The D’Offay pharmacy and very recently the PCR testing service being offered by Seychelles Medical Services at the domestic terminal, are part of our strategy to proactively pursue innovative business ventures to provide more diverse services for our customers,’ said Miss Florence Marengo General Manager for Commercial.

"Through our commercial offering, we are looking to reach a balance between local and international brands. Our aim is to ensure that we are at par with the modern airport experience, and at the same time we remain focused on meeting our customers’ expectations and satisfaction”

Miss Marengo further explained that over the years, in tandem with international standards, SCAA has acknowledged the importance of revenue diversification particularly targeting non-aeronautical activities at its airports in order to be more sustainable in generating revenues.

“The pandemic has been a wakeup call for our organisation which has been reliant on passenger numbers and aviation related revenues. We are continuously evolving to sustain our operations, said Miss Marengo.

A new duty-free retail shop, targeting our growing market of families with children, Seywei soft toys will soon  open in the international departure lounge.

Additionally, tender has been released for the possibility of a new open bar concept for departing international passengers. The SCAA will soon also open a tender for a car wash facility on its premises as we upgrade the existing pay parking system to make it more customer friendly.