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Enjoy the ease of booking your long term parking slot from the comfort of your home! Click on to register online, hassle free. 
 Collection and payment of the Long Term Parking card can be done at the Pay Parking office based at the International Terminal of Seychelles International Airport, above the check-in area. 
You can email or call (248) 4384015 for further details.

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Our housekeeping staff are continuously working hard and maintaining their sanitization practices to ensure that our Airport users remain safe during this pandemic. Let us all play our role to ensure that we keep each other safe!

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Happy International day of the Air Traffic Controller! Thank you for keeping our skies safe, even during uncertain times brought forward by this global pandemic. 

Through your services, you enabled many families to be reunited, whilst also aiding medical and cargo flights to touchdown safely. 

From all of us at the Seychelles International Airport, thank you for keeping us connected!

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This week, we welcomed the return of Edelweiss Air to the Seychelles International Airport, creating direct routes to the Seychelles from Europe as of September 27th! 

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We've been doing our part, observing all the directives and maintaining all the #standards necessary to operate. Our airport is crucial to the economic #sustainability of our nation and we salute the efforts by the Department of Health Seychelles, our dedicated staff and our stakeholders, in order to persevere in this difficult time.
It’s been 48 years since we’ve been the gateway of Seychelles to the world! 20.03.72 
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Our young, talented chef, Miss Tracy Uranie is leaving on board flight EK706 today for the 6th Annual Young Chef Olympiad taking place on the 28th January to 2nd February. The opening ceremony shall take place in Delhi, India, with the competition itself being done across five cities, namely Delhi, Goa, Pune, Bengaluru and Kolkata.  She shall be competing on the 29th January. Accompanying her is Mrs. Murla Gabriel and Chef Eril Morel. 
Young Miss Uranie took part in the same competition last year and won the Rising Star Award. 
We wish our young talented star the best of luck for the competition ahead! #seychellesinternationalairport #seychelles #connectDiscoverExperience#youngchef#specialmoments #travelseychelles