Stay up to date with your itinerary, be on time

Each flight is open for Check-In 3 hours prior to its departure time. Given the frequency of various flights during the day, it is best that travelling passengers arrive at the airport within the provided time frame.

If online Check-In is available for your flight, the Baggage Drop service is available for a speedier check-in. However, it is still advisable to be at the Airport 3 hours prior to your flight’s departure time.

Still have those receipts from your shopping? You can claim your VAT on your departure at the airport.

A visitor can claim a VAT refund at the time of his/her departure from Seychelles on specified taxable goods purchase from a VAT R egistered vendor (business). A v isitor is a person who is a non resident holding a foreign passport and has a valid ticket to travel out of Seychelles to a foreign Airport.

VAT registered vendors are identified by having a VAT Certificate and sticker visibly displayed at their business premises.VAT refund can ONLY be claimed on the following taxable goods:

  • Article or jewellery of precious metals
  • Precious or semi-precious stones ( natural or synthetic)
  • Article of natural or cultured ( farming)
  • Carpets - silk, wooden, dhurries and chain stitch
  • Crafted artifacts, arts or sculpture
  • Manufactured fragrance or perfume
  • Manufactured toiletries or fashion accessories
  • Cosmetic Items
  • Accessories - hand bags, sunglasses, hats/caps, back packs and shoes
  • Technological and electronic devices (computers, laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, music players, walkie talkies and storage devices.

Follow these steps to claim your VAT Refund

  1. Proceed with your goods to the VAT Counter before or after having checked in. Ensure that your invoices and goods are readily available for inspection.
  2. If no Customs Officer is available at the desk, lift the phone and speak to an officer to seek assistance.
  3. Goods must be inspected, invoices endorsed and stamped by Customs officer before entering the Departure Lounge.
  4. Proceed to the Refund Counter located on the first floor of the Departure Lounge.
  5. Provide the refund officer with your passport and endorsed invoices.
  6. Please complete and sign the given VAT Refund Form.
  7. Your refund will be done in cash, either in Rupees, US Dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, depending on your choice.
    • If goods have not been inspected and VAT invoices have not been endorsed by Customs before proceeding through the immigration checkpoint, VAT cannot be refunded