Follow direction signs to domestic terminal and counters are to your right.

There are two facilities. One near the police station and one in the domestic terminal next to Coffee Club.

The door just between the SRC VAT office and international check-in counter.

There is a bus stop straight in front of the airport exit that goes to the main bus terminal   in Victoria.

There is a bus station on the left hand side of the road as you exit the airport about 2 mins from the main round about. Buses to the South are labelled clearly.

The bus fare is SCR5 for all journeys. Air conditioned buses cost SCR25 in local currency.

There is a flat rate of SCR50 from the start of your journey that is added to the meter ride charged at SCR20 per kilometer. Additional cost for luggage is SR10 -15 extra per suitcase.

Nouvobanq and Saymore are money changers operating at the Airport.

There are charging stations available at the Seybar or alternatively sockets are available in the international departure.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas at the airport currently near Qatar Office landside.

There are 2 telecom companies on the terminal – Cable & Wireless, and Airtel where you can buy the SIM card. Just have your ID to show.

The police station has free luggage storage at first come first served basis; while the Payanke Lounge in the domestic terminal has paid storage at SR300.

Currently there are three main outlets selling food. The Coffee Club is a restaurant specializing in European and local cuisine, Seybar is a snack bar while Sky Chef shop does take away only.  There are vending machines available for light snacks like crisps.

Seybar and Coffee Club offers coffee, and there are vending machines as well providing same at more affordable price.

Yes. On your browser log into Wifree. It is 15 minutes free. The concourse area has access code for wifi, please ask at the customer service desk. Other outlets like Coffee Club and Payanke offer free wifi for clients using their facility.

Yes, there are shops located on the landside and inside the duty free  in the international departure and arrival, with a range of products. The domestic terminal also has a small souvenir shop.

The STC duty free has a shop and collect service for passengers. You can access directly on their website.

The domestic terminal is a short 5 minute walk from the international arrival.

Flights to Praslin are from the domestic terminal. It is important to arrive 1 hour before departure to complete check-in formalities.

Your travel agent representative should assist you in your transfer or you have to bring in your baggage yourself.

Yes. Large suitcases are not permitted and passengers are allowed 1 piece of luggage per passenger as the twin otters are space limited.

Yes. Flights to Fregate, Bird, Desroches and Alphonse are done at the domestic. Your booking agent will advise you. All flights are handled by Ground Handler Air Seychelles.

The exchange rates vary daily and is displayed at all money changer.

Parking at the airport is free for users.

No. Most airlines have their sales office located in town. Only Turkish airlines and Air Seychelles has sales office in the airport vicinity.

There are sight-seeing, swimming, boating, surfing and snorkeling, fishing and yachting. Brochures are available at the customer service desk or check the tourism board website.

This service is managed by Creole Travel and is pre-booked for passengers. Otherwise you have to go to town at the office located at the jetty.

Please contact your airline representative or the Ground Handling Agent – Air Seychelles on +248 439 1000

Follow procedure for application of Airport Permits and security passes via the Security office located at the Civil Aviation Authority Head Office.

Please follow link on the SCAA Regulatory website www.scaa.sc
Corporate Communications prteam@scaa.sc
Apply for jobs, find out about our recruitment process, current vacancies and working at the Seychelles International Airport. Go to scaa.sc/hr
Contact the commercial division – jrmarguerite@scaa.sc
Find out about SIA environment and community program, carbon emission reduction initiatives to keep a sustainable aviation operations within Seychelles through the Eco Leap program

Rates for Airport Staff or Airport Operators is SCR250 per employee/month, paid either Monthly, Quarterly or Annually.

Registration for staff parking can be made at the Pay Parking Office located above  the international concourse, above departure Lounge OR online registration on SCAA website at www.scaa.sc.

The pay parking office is situated on the Concourse of the International terminal, adjacent to the passenger pick up area.

Payment  for long-term parking should be done at the Pay Parking Office located  above the international  concourse.

Application for long-term pay parking must be done 3 days prior to your intended use of the parking.

We accept card payments and cash transactions only.

Once the card is issued to a client, no transfers or refunds are applicable. However, the card can still be used at a later date. You will require to contact the Pay Parking Admin. To make the necessary extension to the Card.

The Airport Pay Parking is open for 24 hours.

In the event of a lost ticket, a fixed penalty fee of SCR 600 shall incurred, and should be paid off at the Airport Pay Parking Kiosk, or the Pay Parking Administrative Office.

This is not advisable. You will have to use the card with the vehicle declared at the time of registration. Where the card is being used with a different vehicle other than the one registered, you will have to inform the Admin Office immediately, otherwise you run the risk of your card being revoked.

Card renewals must be done prior to the expiry of the card and you should report to the pay parking office for payment and top-up of the card.

Renewals can be done at any time prior to the expiry date of the card. 

SCAA is not liable for any damages on your vehicle or personal belongings. There is a ‘Disclaimer Notice’ located at the entrance of the parking area, outlying SCAA’s terms and conditions when making use of the parking.

In the event that the card is not working you should report to the pay parking Attendant at the Pay Kiosk and you will be guided to the Admin. Office to rectify, or call 4384015

You are allocated 15 minutes free within the parking once you have taken a ticket. This allows for ample time to find a parking slot before you are charged SCR 20.

There is no variation in the rates of the parking between day and night.  

A lost card must be reported to the Pay Parking office, for cancellations and re-issuance of a new card.

The penalty for losing the card is SCR50/- for a replacement.