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Flight Cancellations

  • Qatar Airways flight into Seychelles on 07th January 2021 is cancelled.
  • British Airways  flights are cancelled from January 2021 and will resume on 4th February 2021. Further information can be obtained directly from your airline representative or the airline's official website

  • Turkish Airlines has stopped flights to the Seychelles until further notice.

Travel Advisory

Revised travel measures

  • Any passenger arriving from ANY country (except returning Seychellois citizens) will NOT be allowed to enter Seychelles.
  • In the event that a person who has been to ANY country (except returning Seychellois citizens) arrives in Seychelles, he/she will not be allowed entry and the carrier airline or vessel will be responsible for the immediate return of the passenger.
  • All Seychellois citizens returning from ANY country will be subjected to additional health screening and placed under obligatory quarantine for at least 14 days upon arrival.
  • All airlines with inbound flights for Seychelles, are directed not to board any passengers or crew (except returning Seychellois citizens) from ANY country.
  • Any person arriving in Seychelles by sea from any marine vessel (except returning Seychellois citizens) will not be allowed to disembark.
  • All travelers should monitor their health closely for two weeks upon return to Seychelles and seek medical attention promptly if feeling unwell, and also inform their doctor of their travel history and possible contacts.
  • A foreign national who requires to enter Seychelles for any special mission has to obtain written permission from the Public Health Commissioner prior to leaving the country of origin.
  • All boat and pleasure craft excursions and activities must be scaled down.

The following measures still apply

  • All Seychelles citizens and residents are banned from travelling abroad, effective as of Monday 23rd March 2020, for a period of 30 days.
  • All foreign workers holding a Seychelles GOP are not allowed to return until further notice. No new GOPs are to be issued.
  • All Seychellois nationals who are presently in countries which have imposed a ban on international travel are strongly advised to comply with local preventive measures, including social distancing, being implemented in those particular countries and to avoid any travel or other movement that increases their risk of getting infected.
  • As of 10th March 2020, all cruise ships are not allowed entry into Seychelles’ waters until further notice.
  • In addition to cruise ships, all leisure boats are not allowed entry into Seychelles’ waters until further notice.

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