The SCAA Management has implemented a Pay Parking at the main Public Parking ‘A’ at the airport to cater for more effective parking management and controls within the premises.

The pay parking system is a pay-on-exit system which provides control at the Main Public parking and have been specifically design to meet the immediate requirement. The operation of the system is as follows:

  1. A kiosk is installed at the entrance of the parking for drivers of vehicles to make collection/payments of tickets;
  2. Customer has to collect their parking ticket from the entry unit upon entering the parking.
  3. On exit, the cashier at the kiosk will scan the ticket, and after the payment due is made the customer can drive
  4. Safety features will be incorporated in the event of malfunction to allow traffic flow to continue.
  5. Access Cards are being used for specific users, for example, Staff, Concessionaires and contracted car hires. These cards are registered under the user’s name and for registration. In order for an airport operator to register, they can access the registration forms online, through the SCAA website (link). For Long Term parking, customers can access the form (here).
  6. Rates for daily use and for long term parking, can be found (here). Once applications have been submitted, clients can pay and collect their cards at the Business Development Office, located above the International Departure Lounge.

Should you have further queries please forward your enquiries by email to customer service at or . Alternatively, telephone contact details on 438 4000/15/05

Free Parking Available Until 2022

Applicable for purchases of SCR100 and above* from Airport Food Outlets and Lounges, starting October 29th to January 2nd 2022

Eligibility condition:

*Purchase receipts and valid parking tickets must be dated the same day.

*Purchase receipts should be stamped and signed by the respective outlet.

Parking Rates


Duration Rates
First 30 minutes Free
Up to 1-hour SR20
Maximum daily charge (24hr) SR480


Package Duration Rates
Weekender up to 3 days SR480
Weekly up to 7 days SR800
Monthly up to 30 days SR2,800
Penalty fee for lost tickets/cards SR600
Traffic Violations SR200
Daily parking rate of SR480 shall apply on days exceeding 7-day duration

    Pay Parking Form

    For Long Term


    • All payment for registration is to be done at the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority Business Development office.
    • Lost cards are to be reported to the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority.

    • Replacement of Access Parking Permit shall amount to SCR 50 per card.


    Employees using the Airport Pay Parking Service are subject to the below conditions:

    1. Vehicles parked within the SIA Car Park are done so at the risk of the owner and remains their responsibility together with the contents of the vehicle.
    2. You must park your vehicle within the limits as defined by lines painted on the surface of the parking area, and comply with all signs erected in the car park.
    3. You must comply with any directions or instructions given by the Parking Attendants or Security Officers, at all times.
    4. You must not park your vehicle so as to obstruct or permit the obstruction of the free passage to, or the use of, this car park. We reserve the right to remove any obstructing vehicle.
    5. You release and indemnify us from any claim against us or expense incurred by us arising from your use of the car park or from us removing your vehicle from it.
    6. You must ensure that your parked vehicle is securely locked and the ignition key removed.
    7. You must not litter the car park, or allow your vehicle to spill or leak oil in it; carry out any repair, maintenance, or other work to a vehicle; or wash or clean a vehicle; or carry out any commercial activity of any kind that we have not authorized in writing.
    8. In these Conditions of Use, references to: (a) “we”, “us” and “our” means SEYCHELLES CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY its employees, agents and independent contractors; (b) “you” means the person using, or intending to use this car park; and (c) “your vehicle” includes a vehicle driven, or intended to be driven, by you into this car park.

    Pay Parking FAQ